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I am a dj out of California. I now live in North Carolina. I started to play records in 2000. My style started out playing house music but I found a love for breakbeats & jungle. As I progressed as a dj I started to play hip hop & top 40 & scratching to get more gigs. I played in two bands as a dj Mystic Roots a reggae band & Pyrx a Rock band both out of Chico CA. I am oldschool, I went from two turntables & a mixer to playing on a laptop & using pioneer dj software & a controller. It's not as easy to find tracks searching through files as it was digging through my crates to find what track I want to play. To give an Idea of what kind of dj I am Is that I love to ride two tracks out till they end. I love mixing & finding tracks that mesh good together. Mixing Is A craft & a skill. Anyone can be a Dj. But It's what you do to make yourself stand out from everyone else. I wanted to create this profile to post some of my old school mixes and new school mixes to share with the world. So I hope everybody enjoys some of my mixes because it is all my style & interpetation of a dj & two turntables. Thanks Dj Drew!!!

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