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Growing up in Lewisham South East London in the early 80s Wink grew up listening to various musical genres, A lot of reggae was involved from an early age, and with 2 older brothers of 10 years, One being an 80s new romantic the other being Ska/Reggae, Music choice around the home was very diverse.

In the early 90s around 92 Wink discovered Hardcore,and couldn't get enough of it, Listening to pirate radio stations and recording sets to listen to at school sharing the music he loved so much. Saving every penny of pocket money to buy records and save up for decks. And the christmas of 94 it happened, all savings and christmas money put together the first decks where purchased (soundlabs and a BST mixer).That was it the par was set and it was every spare minute on them and every spare penny spent on vinyl!!

By this time Hardcore and Jungle was dividing and Wink was a Junglist 94, 95, and 96 was all about Jungle and all variations of it, however with a real love for Ragga Jungle.
By now early 95 Wink was out of school, got a job and had more money for records, until We managed to start sneaking into the odd Rave World Dance, then Lazerdrome become a second home for while.

97/98 Garage came in and following the trend the change of music style, full time jobs and piers, DJing slowed down and Going out became the norm.

2000 first child was on the way, Time to knuckle down !! deposit for our first place was needed some sacrifices where made and the gathering dust Decks and records found (i hope) their forever home, So after 2 children 2 house moves, a few career choices life become settled and 2014 Decks got bought, started collecting vinyl again with the intention of a bit of personal enjoyment, Realising how much had evolved in his gap years homework and research was done, and WOW, Upgrades where made!!

From 2015 Wink mostly played his Beloved Old Skool Jungle, Hardcore and Garage but along the way discovered Breakbeat, and its become his main genre to play wether it be for a house party at home or just a mix to go on mix cloud it tends to be Breaks, So although still a fledgling to the style, but it feels like home, with its similarities to the music from Winks up bringing.

After sorting some valuable information on the new technology, Wink set to organise the set up to suit, now familiarised with it the style has become very much a mixture of the foundation of Djing with added flavour of the modern day tech, Love playing around with Loops que jumping and a bit of scratching, Because you can bring old stuff back to life aswell as mashing up an unto date track on the spot, As much as he loves just a mix and blend set no frills just banging tunes blended together nicely.

April 2018 Wink was asked to play a weekly slot on popular underground station www.tbvr.co.uk Monday 9pm till 10pm GMT. The journey is very exciting and loving every minute, having set out just to play music to personally enjoy, its now a pleasure to share with anyone that wants to listen!
Going forward, The intention is to keep playing Great music ,sharing it and to keep evolving and learning as we go. There are
a few possible ideas going around the head but nothing concrete, Toying the idea of putting a night on in the future, with all Basement voltz Djs and crew to be involved !!
But for now the plan is to spin tunes, enjoy it, share it and see what comes along the way!

DJ Wink has been involved in music for just over 20 years, But really took hold in the early days of Jungle around the 1994 era at the tender age of 15.
Playing various styles of music over the years, covering Old and New, hardcore, Jungle, Garage, Bass and Breakbeat.