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Dj Leonski is a Dj/Producer and has been playing for nearly 25 years.
Playing various styles over the years, joined TBVR 28.06.2017.

Leon has been dj'ing for around 25 yrs now when he started he ran under the name of Dj Bagpuss and originaly played happy hardcore. When he was 22 won Dj of the month in Eternity magazine this was a real boost for him as it opened many new doors in the Dj proffesion.
With new clubs opening there doors to him he was able to express his mixing skills & pick up a lot of useful direction from the many well known Dj's on the circuit.
In 2004 his style has changed really to follow what he enjoys playing rather than what clubs wanted him to play, He found a break through in Breakbeat "Its a great cross between Old Skool and Breaks, though I still keep my options open with Hard Trance, Drum & Bass - Happy Hardcore & even Techno".. he say's
In January this 2006 he started to run his own night called Invasion in Cheltenham it turned out to be a real success and slowly gathered more followers & an established name for itself. Right up till the club closed
His future goal is to put all his efforts in to mixing, learning new styles and keeping the people around the world entertained. Other future goals are to start looking into producing his down tunes "I know this wont be easy but I have a good head for music & some amazing friends to help me along the way I thank them for all there support
​After a long break Leon decided it was time to move back in to the circuit. already after a few months hard work he had been offered a few radios slots, but chose a popular underground radio station www.tbvr.co.uk. Leon runs a weekly Breaks show Every Monday form 20:00pm - 21:00pm Gmt.
in 2017 Leon was voted for best Breaks mix on the Linda B Breakbeat show along side some big names at the national BBS awards.
2018 leonski released hid first free track “We Need a Beat” which had great reviews on 96.9Fm. This was quicky followed by his second release “The Devil” which has now been remixed by Leonski & Aeretes. New to April 2018 will be there next release “This is the way” sure to be a summer Breaks Banger......